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             Welcome to the IFO web server. IFO works with many HTML forms to help gather feedback, requests, and any other type of HTML form based feedback.

Web-based application for creating HTML forms, is being discontinued at Jim Buck. No new forms can be created using IFO. The only forms left in IFO are dealer external facing forms; all others have been recreated by the form owners in designated applications as shown below:

    Internal Survey - O365 MS Forms 

    Internal Forms - O365 MS Forms 

    External Survey (Dealer/Customer facing) - All external surveys are to go through [email protected] 

    External Forms (Dealer facing, primarily DealerPath)- TBD

    External Forms (Customer facing)- Signal

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    Last modified: 06/11/2009

    To report any support issues, please go to https://jimbuck.service-now.com/ep and report the issue by choosing any of the following options:
    • Chat Now
    • Call the Service Desk
    • Report An Issue
    And ask support representative to assign the ticket to IFO Tech Support Tier 2 group and someone will pick it up to work on it.